* Greater Than Invitation only period - We have great perks for our early adopter members. The “invitation only period” includes limited membership offers available only by invitation. Perks/ Offers will be fulfilled following all 3,500 LE Memberships and 4,000 Pro Memberships spots being filled. There will be no refunds or monthly payments available to invitation only memberships. You have been invited because our team identified you as a creative professional and were selected to receive this offer.

** 1 unit of Phantom Stock  - Phantom Stock Units Agreements will be assigned and awarded once all invitation only membership spots are filled. We will use Carta (or a similar service) to issue and manage your phantom stock.

*** Limited Edition Bag + GT-Shirt  - We’re teaming up with 10 influential creatives to design a limited edition printed canvas tote bag and t-shirt. LE Platinum Members can select from the 10 designs on a first come first served basis once the designs are announced. Pro Members package includes a single design. Sets will be produced and mailed out once all invitation only membership spots are filled.

**** GreaterThan Golden Ticket Rewards