These GREATER THAN member offers are valid by invitation only during our beta product-testing period and are on a first come first served basis. Beta product testing period will end once the allocated LE membership offers are filled. This is a one time limited offer and is on a first come first served basis, once the spots are filled the limited edition offers will no longer available. You must redeem your invitation within 7 days of receipt to receive the above offers.

LIMITED EDITION BAG & GOLDEN TICKETS - Bags will be delivered after the invitation only membership period confirmations are completed. Delivery date estimates will be sent once design choices are confirmed for each recipient. Golden Tickets Winners will be selected and announced before December 31, 2019. Invitation only period and giveaway rules are available on the app in member services section.

NO GUARANTEES - Things could change – but we don’t expect them to. Our plan is to officially launch the LE Platinum Member program and issue a limited number of PSO units following the invitation only period and once we’ve reached our 3,500 capacity of LE Platinum memberships. If we don’t reach the LE Platinum capacity, then we will send you a notice on any change to the offer.

NO REFUNDS- We hope you’ll understand that we are just getting started and you were invited because someone on our team knows you and thought you should be a part of the community before we release the app to the creative class publicly. Your membership fees will help us build the best community product we can with more to come. We’re keeping the price as low as we can for early supporters. Think of it this way, you would probably spend the same amount taking us to lunch to “pick our brain” just once, now you can get that every day on demand!